September 2023

Matthew 4:12-25; Jesus Calling His Disciples

Today, Pastor Isaac preaches a sermon called "Footsteps". In this Text, Jesus begins His ministry and calls His disciples to follow Him. 

August 2023

Matthew 3:13-17; The Baptism of Christ

Today, as we continue in our study through the Book of Matthew, Pastor Isaac speaks about the Trinity on display during Jesus' baptism. 

Matthew 3:1-12; The Forerunner of Christ

Today, Pastor Isaac continues our study through the book of Matthew. In this sermon, we see a model for evangelism in the person of John the Baptist. 

Matthew 2:13-23; Fulfilling the Prophets

Today, we see the sovereignty of God throughout Herod's pursuit of Jesus. 

July 2023

Matthew 2:1-12; The Rule of the King

This morning, we see the varied and contrasting responses to King Jesus' birth found in Matthew chapter 2.