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April 2024

Matthew 16:13-20: “Who Do You Say That I Am”?

Join us this week as Pastor Trent asks the question, “Who Do You Say That Jesus Is”? We will be looking at Matthew 16:13-20 to answer this question. This will be the first message in the “I Am” Statements of Jesus Series beginning every other Sunday night. 

Matthew 7:1-6: Jesus’ Teaching on Judging Others

Join us this week as Pastor Isaac preaches through Jesus’ teaching on passing judgment on others in Matthew 7:1-6. 

Matthew 28:1-10; “Fully Alive: The Story of Easter”

This week, Pastor Isaac preaches through the resurrection narrative of Matthew 28. We pray that it can encourage you to remember that because the tomb is empty. we can face tomorrow, for King Jesus has risen! 

March 2024

Matthew 6:25-34- Anxious for Nothing, Hopeful for Everything”

Join us this week as Pastor Trent preaches about the topic of anxiety in Matthew 6:25-34. 

1 Thessalonians 4:3-8: Marital Faithfulness

This week Pastor Isaac preaches through 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8, talking about faithfulness in marriage.