Joining Our Church Life


Become A Regular Attender:

There is no better way to know if this is the right church for you than by observing and getting to know the people!

Attend A Membership Class

Membership classes are offered each month on the second Sunday of the month. You will enjoy some food, have good conversation, and learn more about Immanuel Baptist Church so to have a better idea of whether or not it is the right church for you! To sign up for the next class, just click here.

Submit A Membership Application

This simply asks for basic information about yourself, your church history (if there is any) and allows you to tell a little bit of your story of becoming a Christian.

Meet with the Pastor

One of the great callings that a pastor has is to know the people in his church on a personal level. Because of this, the pastor would love to have one last personal conversation with you before you are officially taken in as a member. You can also plan on getting to know him better at that time by asking him questions you have not been able to ask in the membership class. Just like the class, this is a very informal conversation.

Get Baptized

Since membership in the Body of Christ is made up of professing Christians, each member of our local church must have received a believer’s baptism. If you have not yet been baptized, now is the time to do it and we would love to be a part of it!

Become A Member

Members can be accepted every month in the monthly business. This is a really exciting time of celebration as we welcome people into the family of Immanuel Baptist Church!

Get Involved

Church Membership is so much more than the church’s attendance roll or directory. Membership is joining a family and being an active part within it. Once you are a part of the family, we want to find the best place for you to flourish in the giftings God has given you!