Our desire is that, through this conference, the truth about God’s good plan and design for this ancient covenant called marriage would shine bright for our benefit and His glory. We have gathered speakers from all over Northwest Missouri to join us on March 15th & 16th for this special event. We trust that it will serve to bless the churches and the larger community of Harrison County. We have been praying for a long time now that many marriages will be strengthened, saved, and even restored through this weekend event.




     – Three Breakout Session of your choice 
     – Three Worship Services
     – One Journal  
     – One Book 
     – Food: Evening snacks, a light breakfast, and a catered in lunch
*Register by Friday, February 23rd to lock in your book and journal.


 Friday, March 15 (5:30-9:00pm)
          Worship Service #1
                    Preacher:  Dakota Darby 
          Breakout Session #1 
                   Option 1: Finances  
                   Option 2: Sex & Intimacy 
                   Option 3: Spousal Loss 
 Saturday, March 16 (8:30am-3:00pm)
          Worship Service #2
                    Preacher: Trent Willhite 
          Breakout Session #2
                   Option 1: Open Q & A Panel 
                   Option 2: Marital Transitions 
                   Option 3:Communication  
          Breakout Session #3 
                   Option 1: Sex & Intimacy 
                   Option 2: Communication 
                   Option 3: Marital Transitions  
          Worship Service #3 
                    Preacher: Isaac Worley 
Key Note Speakers
Dakota Darby
Senior Pastor 
First Baptist Church
Holt, MO 
Trent Willhite 
Senior Pastor 
Blue Ridge Church
Blue Ridge, MO
Isaac Worley
Senior Pastor 
Immanuel Baptist Church
Bethany, MO
Breakout Sessions
Throughout the conference, we will have three opportunities to attend various workshops to hear speakers on specific topics regarding marriage. When registering for the conference, each attendee will have the opportunity to sign up for three of the six workshops listed below. 

Marital Transitions 

Brad & Stacy Daniel 

Ecclesiastes famously tells us that “for everything there is a season.” This is no less true within the realm of marriage. From the start to the end of any given marriage, there will be many seasons that each will come with their own pleasures and pains. Some transitions include stepping into parenthood (and all the various seasons therein – newborn, toddler, adolescence, etc.), transitioning into an “empty nest”, and transitioning between jobs or residences. The goal of this breakout is to consider how we can enjoy each season and find stability through the parts that can be quite jarring. 
Brad and Stacy Daniel are Harrison County natives having both graduated from South Harrison High School. They have been married for 31 years and have 2 daughters, aged 27 and 17, as well as an 8 year old granddaughter. Brad was a long time pastor of students at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church and is now the pastor of mission engagement there while Stacy is completing her requirements to become a licensed professional counselor to serve in the mental health field. They love to mentor young couples in marriage and encourage other families through the different stages of marriage and family life.

Spousal Loss 

Todd Willhite 

Spousal Loss, whether it be by divorce or by death, brings with it great and unavoidable pain and sorrow. Not only is there much emotional turmoil in the wake of losing one’s spouse, but there are also many practical day-to-day realities that one is faced with. Though this may be a topic which many wish not to think about until they would have to, we believe that God is a God of redemption and who brings good out of the bad. Therefore, this can be a hope-filled and life-giving time for all who are present. The goal for this breakout is to talk through all of these very real aspects of spousal loss as well as consider some practical things that can provide stability and comfort throughout. 
Todd and Julie (Parker) were married in December of 1992. Todd and Julie were blessed with three beautiful children: Sarah, Michael and Steven. Todd spent 28 years as a teacher and administrator before retiring in 2021 to care for Julie who was in the midst of a four and a half year battle with ovarian cancer. Julie passed away in May of 2022. After 29 1/2 years of marriage, Todd became a widower at age 51.
With the help of family, friends and his faith in the Lord, Todd is navigating this new life and is sharing his journey in hopes of helping anyone he can along the way.

Open Q & A Discussion 

Panel Discussion

We realize that there is no way a two day conference can cover all the major sub-topics of marriage. For this reason, we wanted to provide the opportunity for couples to ask anonymous questions for other couples to speak about. Every person who registers for this breakout will receive an emailed URL link which will allow them to submit as many question as he/she would like to ask. It will then be delivered to the panel members without trace of who asked it.
Pastor Isaac and Sarah Worley (Immanuel Baptist Church), Pastor Trent and Mindy Willhite (Blue Ridge Church), and Pastor Casey and Sheri Joyce (First Baptist Church of Bethany, MO) will be on the panel and ready to work through the questions you personally are wrestling with. 



Sex & Intimacy

Trent & Mindy Willhite 

Sex is not only a vital element to marriage, it is a natural part of how God wired mankind. Like anything else, though, we have managed to corrupt and turn for the worse what God once designed for our good. Nevertheless, God has not left us without guidance or instruction. Through His Word, we are able to learn how to have God-honoring and romance-filled marriages. In this breakout session, Trent and Mindy will be talking about what the Bible has to say regarding the romance within marriage. In this breakout, Trent and Mindy will discussion this topic in detail so to richly bless the marriages of those who are present. 
Trent serves as the Sr Pastor of Blue Ridge Church. He has a bachelor’s degree in Youth and Family Ministry as well as a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies, both from Abilene Christian University.
Mindy is a home educator and is active in ministry at Blue Ridge. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas.
Trent and Mindy have been married for 17 years and are blessed to be the parents of four amazing children. They enjoy living outside of town with their dog, two horses and the constant roar of their big family. They also really enjoy Sunday afternoon naps.


Casey and Sheri Joyce 

There are a few topics which are almost certain to cause tension at one point or another in a marriage. Finance is one of these. It is no wonder that God’s Word speaks so much about it! In this breakout session, Casey and Sheri will tackle this hugely important topic and discuss what guidelines God gives us to follow within His Word. 
Casey serves as the Youth/Associate Pastor at First Baptist Bethany.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning from the University of North Texas, as well as a Master’s of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master’s in Christian Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Sheri has served by His side as a true helpmate in ministry in every way possible; Whether shepherding their three children at home, using her gifts within the church, serving in their community, or taking the gospel to the nations, her heart is to follow wherever the Lord leads. Casey and Sheri will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year.  They love goofing off and telling people about Jesus!


Jeremy Cobb 

“Communication is key”. This well-known word of advice can apply in countless arenas of life: playing on a sports team, working with co-workers, parenting, and especially in marriage. But just as important, if not more important than communication itself, is how we choose to communicate. One key component to a healthy marriage is healthy communication. In this breakout, Jeremy will provide helpful principles of communication that will apply to many areas of marriage including conflict resolution, finances, personal desires, and more.
Jeremy Cobb currently serves as the full-time campus minister at the Christian Campus House at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, MO. Jeremy is retired military, has a degree in pastoral counseling, and loves serving the Lord. Both he and his wife Paula have four kids and seven grandkids




Download & Print Registration Form

If you would rather print a registration form and submit it to the Immanuel Baptist Church office instead of registering online, you can do that here. Simply click on one of the links below in order to register either as an individual or as a couple.