Our desire is that, through this conference, the truth about God’s good plan and design for this ancient covenant called marriage would shine bright for our benefit and His glory. We have gathered speakers from all over Northeast Missouri as well as from South Central Kansas to join us on September 9th and 10th for this special event. We trust that it will serve to bless the churches and the larger community of Harrison County. We have been praying for a long time now that many marriages will be strengthened, saved, and even restored through this weekend event.




     – Three Breakout Session of your choice 
     – Three Worship Services
     – One Journal  
     – One Book 
     – Food: Evening snacks, a light breakfast, and a catered in lunch
*Register by Friday, August 25th to lock in your book and journal.


 Friday, September 9 (5:30-9:15pm)
          Worship Service #1
                    Preacher: Logan Cauthen 
          Breakout Session #1 
                   Option 1: Parenting 
                   Option 2: Flourishing in Retirement 
                   Option 3: Conflict Resolution 
 Saturday, September 10 (7:30am-2:00pm)
          Worship Service #2
                    Preacher: Dakota Darby 
          Breakout Session #2
                   Option 1: Sex & Intimacy 
                   Option 2: Finances 
                   Option 3: Making Big Decisions 
          Breakout Session #3 
                   Option 1: Sex & Intimacy 
                   Option 2: Finances 
                   Option 3: Parenting 
          Worship Service #3 
                    Preacher: Isaac Worley 
Key Note Speakers
Dakota Darby
Senior Pastor 
First Baptist Church
Holt, MO 
Logan Cauthen
Preaching Pastor 
Faith Community Church
Kansas City, MO
Isaac Worley
Senior Pastor 
Immanuel Baptist Church
Bethany, MO
Breakout Sessions
Throughout the conference, we will have three opportunities to attend various workshops to hear speakers on specific topics regarding marriage. When registering for the conference, each attendee will have the opportunity to sign up for three of the six workshops listed below. 


Luke & Bethany Clubb

One of the greatest privileges, as well as difficult tasks which often times comes with marriage is the calling to be fruitful and multiply. God’s good design for parenting is to be in the context of marriage as the husband and wife partner together to make disciples in their own home.
Luke and Bethany live in Wichita, KS with their five children (ages ranging from fifteen to six years old). Luke recently served as the Teaching & Preaching Pastor at Grace Community Church in Kansas City, KS. Both Luke and Bethany graduated from Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA. Luke is also a graduate from Master’s Seminary. Luke and Bethany have a heart and deep conviction for parenting in a way that reflects our Heavenly Father to His children. 

Flourishing in Retirement

Bruce & Ramona Williams

Each season of marriage is sweet in it’s own way as each season brings with it new experiences to enjoy with your life-long partner. Retirement can (and should be!) a time where spouses deepen their connection with one another.
Brother Bruce and Ramona are no strangers to Immanuel Baptist! Bruce and Ramona have been a part of the IBC Family since 2003. Bruce also served as the Senior Pastor at IBC two different times (2003 – 2007; 2012 – 2020), for a total of 12 years. Bruce and Ramona remain active members at Immanuel while Ramona continues working and Bruce stays very busy with various types of ministry while still enjoying retirement. 

Conflict Resolution

Panel Discussion

Conflict is an inevitable part of two imperfect people joining themselves to one another. Handling that conflict with grace and Christ-likeness, however, is not inevitable. It takes a lot of work, intentionality, and ultimately, the regenerating and sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Isaac and Sarah Worley (Immanuel Baptist Church), Pastor Trent and Mindy Willhite (Blue Ridge Church), and Pastor Ron and Christine Ward (First Baptist Church of Gilman City) will have a discussion on this topic while also answering various questions submitted from conference attendees. 



Sex & Intimacy

Logan Cauthen

Sex is not only a vital element to marriage, it is a natural part of how God wired mankind. Like anything else, though, we have managed to corrupt and turn for the worse what God once designed for our good. Nevertheless, God has not left us without guidance or instruction. Through His Word, we are able to learn how to have God-honoring and romance-filled marriages. In this breakout session, Logan Cauthen will be talking about what the Bible has to say regarding the romance within marriage. Logan currently serves as an elder and the preaching pastor at Faith Community Church in Kansas City, MO. As a family man, he is a husband to his wife, Lindsey, and a father to two daughters. As a churchman, he loves the local church and has served in various capacities throughout his Christian life. He has earned a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Spurgeon College and a Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Trent & Mindy Willhite

There are a few topics which are almost certain to cause tension at one point or another in a marriage. Finance is one of these. It is no wonder that God’s Word speaks so much about it! In this breakout session, Trent and Mindy will tackle this hugely important topic and discuss what guidelines God gives us to follow within His Word. Trent and Mindy live with their four children live in Bethany, MO. Trent has both a Bachelor degree in Youth & Family Ministry as well as a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies from Abilene Christian University. Mindy has a Bachelor’s in Family Studies and a Master’s in Social Work. Trent has been pastoring at Blue Ridge Church for a total of 17 years, 15 of which as Senior Pastor. 

Making Big Decisions

Luke & Bethany Clubb

Life is full of many decisions – big and small. We become accustom to the small & mundane decisions which we are faced with  every day. The big decisions, however, are few and far between and seem to have a great impact on the trajectory of our lives! Because of this, they can seem very overwhelming, and even paralyzing, at times. In this breakout session, Luke and Bethany will be offering Biblical wisdom for couples who are faced with such pivotal moments in life.
Luke and Bethany live in Wichita, KS with their five children (ages ranging rom fifteen to six years old). Luke recently served as the Teaching Pastor at Grace Community Church in Kansas City, KS. Both Luke and Bethany graduated from Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA. Luke is also a graduate from Master’s Seminary. 




Download & Print Registration Form

If you would rather print a registration form and submit it to the Immanuel Baptist Church office instead of registering online, you can do that here. Simply click on one of the links below in order to register either as an individual or as a couple.